Friday, August 29, 2008

Sorry everyone for taking so long to update the blog. My little girls have been unwell and unfortunately so have I.

We've actually had a series of dramas in the past month and just when I thought we had a new writer for "days of our lives" something else pops up. So it is with despair that I am taking a forced step back for a moment and tending to a few personal issues instead.

Most people who contact me or email know that I generally respond within a few hours but for the next few days the delay in replying may be a little longer. I'm still around, just not so in-your-face LOL... we did have use of a laptop at the hospital earlier while we were there getting some tests done, and thank goodness for that- the wait was horrible!

Moving along... our local scrapbooking store is closing down and it looks like the only place to buy products in-person within the Wagga area is set to be Spotlight. But never fear! I just might be opening a shop in town myself which will be open for purchasing product two days per week, with classes available 5 days per week at varied times. When we have confirmed details we will let everyone know.

For me, I'm off to list some more stickers in store now. Belinda will be doing listings during the day for me for a few days, and I will do some of a night. I'm determined to get as much as I can possibly can listed- seems quite pointless having a warehouse full of stock not yet viewable in the shop LOL

Have fun everyone, and stay healthy :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the 3rd challenge

If you read over the last two posts you will see two challenges now available for YOU to accept... if your brave enough.

And to make it a hat trick- here is a 3rd.

I was discussing with a friend of mine the finer points of ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and the perfect challenge has now been created!

Your challenge is a big one...

The A to Z ATC of ME.
*You will need to create 26 ATC's all about yourself.
*Each card is to represent a different alphabet letter.
*As you complete each one add it to the gallery for the shop under the "blog challenges" category.
*The first person who completes all 26 will win a 7 Gypsies ATC collection pack including an amazing assortment of brand new release items. Value in excess of $100.
*The person who is the most creatively unique will win a prize pack as well! IF it is the same person, they will receive the pack AND a store voucher.
*You have one month to finish all 26 ATC's and upload them to the gallery. The sooner you complete them the better though. Close date for this one is July 25th 2008.

There are no restrictions aside from the fact that each card must be standard ATC size, be about YOU, and must represent each letter of the alphabet...

Good luck!

A new challenge

Another store created a blog for themselves within the last 24 hours and must have been really impressed with mine... it's almost identical- including some of the challenge details LOL

So I have a new challenge... create a unique design for a blog for the Allcraftz Challenge Blog. Tell me what elements you think it should have, what layout you think would be best, etc. If I go with your ideas you will definitely be recognised for it- and rewarded.

So put pen to paper, and get creating. What should our blog include, where should things go, even what colours do you think we should use- so we can get away from the whole "black magic" style blog.

I'm looking at starting the new blog within the next 2 days... so be quick!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

As you all know I've only just started on my blog, and am hoping it will get better as time goes on. This will be my space for extra competitions, games, prizes, as well as more "me" news.

I'm going to give you a challenge... completely up to you if you want to take it though. You would have a good chance at getting the prize too- especially since I'm not going to mention this anywhere else other than right here and not many even know I actually have a blog yet. Although, someone else could mention it LOL.

So, what's the challenge? What's the prize? We will start with a simple one...

The challenge is to create a single layout in 12"x12" size. You must have two circles, one square and 4 triangles on your page. There must also be 3 buttons, 1 metal embellishment and a Title. You can NOT use flowers, but your creation MUST be feminine...

To enter you simply need to follow the guidelines above, and upload your LO to the Allcraftz Gallery in the "Blog Challenges" category before July 1st. The most UNIQUELY CREATIVE will win a store voucher.

Here is the catch... I am going to announce a new one of these every now and then- at times there may be one happening without another for a few weeks, and other times there will be a few on at the same time. IF you win a total of 5 of the Allcraftz Blog Challenges, you will be given the chance to be a Guest Designer on the Allcraftz Design Team for one month. This means you will be given product to create with AND be paid for each person who signs up to do your class, not to mention if you win 5 you would have $100 to spend in the store ($20 each time). IF you don't want to do a GDT spot though, I'll double your voucher value instead... so you'll have a bonus $100 to spend. And if you STILL would like something a bit more exciting, or perhaps mysterious, you can elect to have a MYSTERY pack chosen by me instead to the same value.

So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge?? Anyone is welcome to have a go at it, even those not yet store customers. We all like fun, we all like games, we all like shopping!

Good Luck!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I couldn't resist anymore...

Well HELLO there!

I simply couldn't resist anymore. Looking at the blogs for all of our lovely ladies has made me want to be a blogger too. I think it will give me the perfect chance to talk as much as I want to- without needing to have a newsletter the size of a novel every week.

So will we start with my most recent news? Hopefully I'll have exciting news to share with everyone as time goes on and can simply update you all right here... YAY. I think I can hear the groans... Ebony has a space to talk non-stop... look-out!

News for the shop...
FINALLY we have a new webhost! The one we have been with was completely and utterly useless. Unreliable, slow, no help for tech support at all, and just money suckers... our new one is allll you could want! Our site is HEAPS faster, operating much more efficiently and all the work is getting done so much faster. I'm LOVING it! They do web design and development too, amongst a stack of other things so all our little glitches that our original webdesigner had left on the site- and all the things he said could not be changed- will be fixed finally. YAY!

Dale from HighTek Hosting is my own real life super hero!! I am definitely happy we made the change. THANK YOU Kim for referring us to them. I am beyond appreciative!

We had our stocktake sale on this week. Lot's of orders to fill and lot's of paper heading out the door. WOOOOOHOOOOOO! Look out though- I have over 1000 new products ready and waiting to be listed. I'm going to bombard you all and upload them all on the same day.

I'm in the process of updating my links page in the shop... if you have a blog and you would like to do some link exchanging just let me know.

See you all next time :)


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