Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new challenge

Another store created a blog for themselves within the last 24 hours and must have been really impressed with mine... it's almost identical- including some of the challenge details LOL

So I have a new challenge... create a unique design for a blog for the Allcraftz Challenge Blog. Tell me what elements you think it should have, what layout you think would be best, etc. If I go with your ideas you will definitely be recognised for it- and rewarded.

So put pen to paper, and get creating. What should our blog include, where should things go, even what colours do you think we should use- so we can get away from the whole "black magic" style blog.

I'm looking at starting the new blog within the next 2 days... so be quick!!!


TribeRingers said...

Oh boy, have I missed the deadline for this one?

Sounds great, I really like this kind of thing...

Elizabeth said...

I got mine in the other day, did you get it?


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