Friday, August 29, 2008

Sorry everyone for taking so long to update the blog. My little girls have been unwell and unfortunately so have I.

We've actually had a series of dramas in the past month and just when I thought we had a new writer for "days of our lives" something else pops up. So it is with despair that I am taking a forced step back for a moment and tending to a few personal issues instead.

Most people who contact me or email know that I generally respond within a few hours but for the next few days the delay in replying may be a little longer. I'm still around, just not so in-your-face LOL... we did have use of a laptop at the hospital earlier while we were there getting some tests done, and thank goodness for that- the wait was horrible!

Moving along... our local scrapbooking store is closing down and it looks like the only place to buy products in-person within the Wagga area is set to be Spotlight. But never fear! I just might be opening a shop in town myself which will be open for purchasing product two days per week, with classes available 5 days per week at varied times. When we have confirmed details we will let everyone know.

For me, I'm off to list some more stickers in store now. Belinda will be doing listings during the day for me for a few days, and I will do some of a night. I'm determined to get as much as I can possibly can listed- seems quite pointless having a warehouse full of stock not yet viewable in the shop LOL

Have fun everyone, and stay healthy :)



E - make sure you look after yourself......Know that i am not too far away if you need anything. Sending hugs and cuddles.

TribeRingers said...

As Hannah said - we are hear when you need us, take care and relax!

P.S. Sounds like exciting news coming!

angie said...

Ebony, tough times are sent to test us, but I'm sure you'll get through with flying colours! Keep your chin up, with the love and support of your friends and family (and there are many!), things will turn out fine ... Angie

Krissy C said...

Take care Ebony :) {{hugs}}

Ditto to what Hannah and Megan said :) always happy to help in anyway :)

Krissy xx

Elizabeth said...

Hope everything is better now!
Look forward to hearing who the winners were for the past comps. Though I think there was only one entry for the ATC one. And boy was she quick lol.

Sharon said...

Hey ~E~ just letting you know that you have been awarded the Spreader of Love ... check it out on my blog:


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