Monday, January 12, 2009

The Spreader Of Love Award

WOW. Thanks Sharon & Megan for awarding me this one... The Spreader of Love Award is an award I am happy to received. Thankyou!

The rules: you must post the award on your blog, name the person who awarded you, then pass the award to 6 other bloggers and leave a message on their blog that they've received the award.

I don't spend much time looking at blogs and things, but I made sure I put some time in on my choices for this one. Some obvious choices for me for those who know me, but hopefully some not so obvious too.

There is one person who deserves this award but doesn't have a blog yet...

Avie ~ I am going to see if we can convince her to get one just so she can receive this award properly. A more kind person I have yet to meet.

Now for 6 with blogs.... Here are my nominees:- I have no idea how to put actual links in my blog, sorry...

Robyn ~ Mrs D~
Robyn creates STUNNING items and definitely deserves this award after her Christmas Masterpieces I received.

Megan ~
Someone worthy of this award time and time again. She makes me laugh, smile, and feel much better every time. A true and valued friend.

Hannah ~
Definitely a candidate for the spreader of love. This lovely lady is seriously talented as a cardmaker & scrapbooker and is also extremely kind, patient, understanding and all the rest!

Marnie ~
You can ALWAYS count on Marnie to give you a giggle and make you feel good. She spreads the love in the most awsome fashion!

Marcy ~
A kind and generous lady with a super big heart. Her 1am funny's used to be the highlight of my night!!

Now this last one is HARD... it's a toss up for me between Liz (redcrystal) and Ness (vjbradford). Both are excellent motivators who easily inspire.

Liz is fantastic for me when I fall off my weight loss wagon, she inspires me to get right back on and is definitely a lady in my "I have to meet" list...Maybe one day we will :)

For Ness she inspired me to start scrapping about myself. She completed a layout for a CC sample for Allcraftz a while ago and it was 100% brilliant. With her permission I scraplifted the design and scrapped about jmyself. She reminded me to think of my little girls- what if something happened to me? Wouldn't I want to leave them some memories? She deserves the spreader of love award simply because she has helped ensure my girls remember my love after I am gone.

2009 here we come

Well, hasn't the time gone by in a hurry! Amazing that it's 2009 already AND a new CHA event is about to happen in the US. This of course means HEAPS of fantastic new release goodies coming our way- and the need to clear all of the older stuff in store.

Keep an eye on the forum, and make sure you read the newsletters, I'm hoping to have plenty of wonderful things happening to keep you all interested and having fun.

To kick it off, we have 75 Prima Crop Kits to give away. These will all be completed and available within the next few days. We are going to make them a CHALLENGE style kit for everyone, more details to come. I've listed some info on the kit, and a video demo in the forum so it might be worthwhile taking a look.

A forum prize night is also planned for one night this week. To ensure you don't miss out I suggest you check the forum often... the prizes include a huge variety of goodies. Hopefully for the next few weeks we can have a prize night once per week. All you have to do is turn up when it's on and participate- it doesn't cost you anything to join and you could win plenty of goodies for yourself.


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