Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Allcraftz Newsletter..... exciting!

Everyone loves freebies!

As most of you know in America they are celebrating National Scrapbooking. We have our own National Scrap event the June long weekend, which is our own way to celebrate Scrapbooking & Cardmaking.

America has begun celebrating now and we have decided to join in a little with them as well. For the next 5 days you will see a few things take place in the Allcraftz Forum, as a warm up to our June event.

1. We will have 3 games scheduled this weekend.
2. Mini Challenges will be announced tonight for those wishing to take part. (To complete by Sunday)
3. We will have 25 random pop/spot prizes given out between 6pm tonight and Sunday evening.
4. We will have a Prima Flower give-away hour.
5. There will be a raffle with some great prizes.
6. Some special deals in the store available for this event only.
7. We are bringing back the Allcraftz Money Back promo (as we had last year)

The money back promo will begin at 6pm tonight and will end midnight Friday night. For each order placed you will receive a voucher to use on your next purchase. For every $25.00 (excluding postage) spent you will receive a $5.00 voucher. For example:

Spend $25.00- receive a $5.00 voucher
Spend $50.00- receive a $10.00 voucher
Spend $75.00- receive a $15.00 voucher
Spend $100.00- receive a $20.00 voucher

Vouchers will be issued after your order has been paid for and finalised (it can not be used towards the purchasing of the initial order) and must be used before May 30th 2009. No other vouchers can be used in conjuction with this as our voucher module only allows one code to be entered at a time.

Winners of the games and challenges will be announced Sunday evening with prizes also listed then.

So head over and join us in the forum this-afternoon and see what lies ahead... and remember our money back promotion will begin at 6pm tonight and applies to all orders placed after that time and before midnight Friday.

Have fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Rainy Day...

Well, I was the town entertainment yesterday. My FIL lost his new magnetic bracelet so my MIL and I went out the front to see if he could have dropped it on the lawn when he was loading up the car in the morning. I had one of those slow-motion feeling moments, where you can feel yourself falling but can do nothing about it. Stupid me fell off the gutter, which is all of about 10cm high, and landed full body on the road.

The worst part... I bounced! Holy moly if that is not a great way to realise you could lose a little weight HAHAHAHAHA.

Today I ache all over. I have bruises and grazes in strange places, and muscles hurt that I didn't even know existed. I was complaining to myself so much about literally having a pain in the butt that I even made a song up to myself- which I sang while packing 44 orders and promptly drove the two other people in the packing room nuts!

It's a cold and rainy day here today and I would love to curl up in my flanny pj's and read a good book. If only I could convince my little girls that they would like to do that too.

ANZAC day is tomorrow and we are off to march again to show our respect. My girls love marching beside their daddy. Maybe one day I will get around to scrapbooking the last 9 years worth of marches where Chloe was with him in each one.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Allcraftz Easter Egg Hunt

It's Easter and it's time to find those eggs! For those of you who have already received the Allcraftz Newsletter you will know exactly what this is... hidden throughout the Allcraftz store, in amongst the products you will find Easter Eggs, as pictured above. Find an egg, purchase the item the egg is hiding in, and win yourself a $5 voucher. It's that easy. Most of the items cost you less than $5 each so your better off buying them, than not buying them. Purchase 2 egg items and get a $10 voucher, 3 gets you a $15 voucher, purchase all 20 hidden egg items for a $100 voucher, etc.

These items will only show the egg while they remain in stock, so to avoid missing out you best go shopping now :)

Good Luck and happy hunting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

X-Press It Tape

A new blog prize to give-away...

The prize will be 5 packs of X-Press Double Sided Tape, something we can ALL use!

To win, be the first to reply to this post with the correct answer. The question is:

If you were to view the COMPETITIONS section on the Allcraftz Store website, what 4 competition titles would you find to click on?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Allcraftz Sketch Challenges

A very dear friend is creating a special place all about sketches soon, so we decided to come up with some ways to be involved in it. Hopefully she will create a sketch challenge for us to use each month from her own special place... cryptic I know, but all will be revealed soon by the lovely lady herself.

In the meantime we have begun with our monthly sketch challenges. Each month we will give one lucky person a $20 store voucher for participating.

I've put the first sketch challenge up now... pics below...

The guidelines are simple. Use the sketch for inspiration and create your own masterpiece. Ensure you take note of the extra guideline each month and the prize could be yours providing you add your piece to the gallery by the 30th of the month.

The special guideline this month is that your creation must be about the FIRST something. (Challenge inspired by Miss Megan during our Allcraftz Birthday last year).

Allcraftz Sketch Challenges

Hannah's Flowers

Congratulations to Hannah who won the Prima flowers a while ago here on the blog. She has used her flowers to create a new Layout for us all to be inspired by using them.

Beautiful work Hannah. You can view more of Hannah's beautiful creations in the Allcraftz Gallery.

Erin is turning 4

Tomorrow my baby girl is turning 4. Goodness the time has just flown by! We had a bit of a drama in planning but all seems ok now... I was going to hire a jumping castle for her. She has never had a proper birthday party before so we decided this one would be BIG for her.

We booked the Jumping Castle and everything was all set- until Monday when they called and said sorry, we can't have it- they double-booked. It was super expensive for a kids party anyway ($330 for 3 hours!) so I was kind of relieved but then stuck for what else to do.

It was almost like someone was watching and smiling down on me... I bought one! It was cheaper than the cost to hire one, and is HUGE. It has a slide and ball pit in it too- actually it is a 10 in one with basketball hoop, dart, toss, bounce, climb, obstacles, slide, crawl pit, ball pool and tunnel.

I can't wait to see her face tomorrow when we put it up. It comes with it's own blower and is inflated in about 3 seconds when you turn it on. She has pre-school tomorrow and will be sharing cake with her little friends there. I'm hoping to have the streamers and balloons done, the jumping castle up and ready, the party food and games all good to go when she walks in the door. It's almost like Christmas HAHAHA... my Miss 9, Chloe is so excited it is ridiculous- and as you can probably see, I am too.

If anyone has any ideas for quick easy party games feel free to let me know. I have pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin-the-tail on the pony (she LOVES My Little Pony) and that was all at the moment. I thought the jumping castle could be the entertainment.

We are having a bbq dinner for the adults and with it being Easter Friday the following day people can kick back and relax. I wont be able to answer any emails tomorrow night everyone hehehe

I'll make sure we get some pics to show you all how it all went too.

Allcraftz National Scrapbooking Day

Shops in the US are getting ready to celebrate National Scrapbook Day and although a few of the Australian shops have some things happening on the same day as the one in the US, at Allcraftz we celebrate our own. On the June long weekend there will be a massive event taking place. There will be classes, kits, challenges, games, prizes, special deals and so much more for the entire weekend- including a section just for our children to participate and have some fun.

We have 3 special guest DT members who will be running some classes for us on the class day. MARNIE is going to show everyone how to put together a Basic Grey mini album, MARCY is going to show us some great techniques using mediums, textures and more on ATC's and RUBY is going to show us some of her amazing skills with Making Memories paints on a Layout. Added to that we have our talented HANNAH who will be preparing some kits and possibly some classes too.

All of the classes will include kits to purchase, and if you can't make it on the actual day you will be given access to all of the instructions, step by step pics, etc so you can do it in your own time if you prefer.

It's all so exciting and I can't wait!

An Allcraftz Update

Sorry for taking so long with the update. After having the shop closed for a bit I get caught up in the whirl wind when we re-open- and I love it!

As you probably know by now, I like having sales and specials on and this week is no different. I selected about 200 items to reduce the price on and put a heap in the "clearance" category. There is so much coming in that is new and exciting so I hope we can move out some of the older stock quickly.

Some of our favourite comps are back, like our Jackpot goody-(speaking of which I need to put up the new clue!) and we have some new exciting things happening. Hannah has taken on the role of setting some challenges for us for our mystery challenge item which is bound to be very interesting to see all of the results.

My mind works constantly thinking of things to do to help our customers get more for their money, and have some interacting fun, so I hope we can entertain and well as provide :)


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