Sunday, April 12, 2009

Allcraftz Easter Egg Hunt

It's Easter and it's time to find those eggs! For those of you who have already received the Allcraftz Newsletter you will know exactly what this is... hidden throughout the Allcraftz store, in amongst the products you will find Easter Eggs, as pictured above. Find an egg, purchase the item the egg is hiding in, and win yourself a $5 voucher. It's that easy. Most of the items cost you less than $5 each so your better off buying them, than not buying them. Purchase 2 egg items and get a $10 voucher, 3 gets you a $15 voucher, purchase all 20 hidden egg items for a $100 voucher, etc.

These items will only show the egg while they remain in stock, so to avoid missing out you best go shopping now :)

Good Luck and happy hunting!


Just Me said...

The kids have Easter Egg hunts so why shouldn't the grown ups have one too, and this one is so much more fun! Thanks heaps ~E.


Oh WOW!!!!! Awesome idea!!!!

avie said...

I didn't receive this email :(

Oh well. Hope the other ladies find those eggs. LOL!

TribeRingers said...

Hope you all had fun with this ladies! Happy Easter to all the Allcraftz fanz.


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