Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Erin is turning 4

Tomorrow my baby girl is turning 4. Goodness the time has just flown by! We had a bit of a drama in planning but all seems ok now... I was going to hire a jumping castle for her. She has never had a proper birthday party before so we decided this one would be BIG for her.

We booked the Jumping Castle and everything was all set- until Monday when they called and said sorry, we can't have it- they double-booked. It was super expensive for a kids party anyway ($330 for 3 hours!) so I was kind of relieved but then stuck for what else to do.

It was almost like someone was watching and smiling down on me... I bought one! It was cheaper than the cost to hire one, and is HUGE. It has a slide and ball pit in it too- actually it is a 10 in one with basketball hoop, dart, toss, bounce, climb, obstacles, slide, crawl pit, ball pool and tunnel.

I can't wait to see her face tomorrow when we put it up. It comes with it's own blower and is inflated in about 3 seconds when you turn it on. She has pre-school tomorrow and will be sharing cake with her little friends there. I'm hoping to have the streamers and balloons done, the jumping castle up and ready, the party food and games all good to go when she walks in the door. It's almost like Christmas HAHAHA... my Miss 9, Chloe is so excited it is ridiculous- and as you can probably see, I am too.

If anyone has any ideas for quick easy party games feel free to let me know. I have pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin-the-tail on the pony (she LOVES My Little Pony) and that was all at the moment. I thought the jumping castle could be the entertainment.

We are having a bbq dinner for the adults and with it being Easter Friday the following day people can kick back and relax. I wont be able to answer any emails tomorrow night everyone hehehe

I'll make sure we get some pics to show you all how it all went too.


Just Me said...

It sounds fabulous Ebony. I'm sure your little one will have the 'bestest' time ever, lol. I hope you have the camera batteries charged and ready to go?

avie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ERIN! I HOPE SHE HAS A WONDERFUL DAY Ebony! I know she'll have a wonderful day LOL!

Can't wait to see some pic's


I hope Erin had a wonderful day and I can't wait to see photos!!!!


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